“As for Andy, we couldn’t have had a more professional or intelligent person to teach us the information we needed to know. Andy was very upfront and didn’t hide anything. The first week was very eye opening having your business laid out in front of you in the way that Andy did. I will never forget that week as long as I live, but I will never run my business the way I used to. Andy has the best grasp of computerized accounting systems I have ever seen. I would recommend him to anyone. I was thinking back over the past three weeks and there are a few things that I will never forget. The sick feeling that I had in the first week, Andy’s squint, the question “Why?” (usually accompanied by that squint), the feeling of getting your life back when you implement what you have learned, and finally knowing that this will be a profitable company again.” – M.G.

“Although at first I didn’t want listen to your advice, when I finally did it opened my eyes to the mistakes I had repeated over the last three years.” – P. McKinnon

“This letter is to express my opinion of Andy Carrabus’ work with our company to improve efficiency and setup guidelines to put it on a profitable basis. The first thing that he did was to make himself thoroughly familiar with our business. He then proceeded to produce a flow chart that followed our manufacturing process from raw materials to finished product. He not only uncovered problem areas, but wrote up and implemented solutions to the problems he found. It was determined that we needed a way for our customers to finance the purchase of our product. Andy negotiated an excellent contract with a large finance company which in turn has already increased sales. Every time he identified a problem, he found a solution and implemented it. He also took the time to educate our employees gaining their confidence and friendship. I will close by saying that we are very happy with the work accomplished and feel that we received more then we paid for.” – B.D.

“Andy Carrabus is a person of diverse talents and interests. He possesses what appears to be a bottomless pool of energy and innovation. He has a keen sense of what needs to be done and the energy to motivate others to move in a coordinated fashion to deliver value to both the bottom line and the customer experience.

In my time working with Andy he exhibited expertise across a diverse set of business functions including Technology, Retail Merchandising, Accounting/P&L, traditional/non-traditional Marketing, Personnel Management, Community Relations and Direct Mail. Whatever Andy sets as an objective is attained through his own energy and his ability to motivate others. You know immediately that he is smart, and over time you learn that that intelligence is not just academic, but practical. But above all, and perhaps the most important element to management and motivation, is his charismatic personality which allows fun to happen at work.

Any organization that needs laser like business acumen, the elbow grease to set things in action and the ability to build teams would benefit from Andy’s skills and talents.” – S.C.

“Your data analysis efforts resulted in our first ever zero defect surprise quality audit.” – J.B.

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