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Welcome to KZ Management Advisors and the Fractional Services page.  We are a Santa Fe-based team of entrepreneurs and businessmen dedicated to helping small business owners to improve the performance of their businesses.

Fractional Services provides considerable value over hiring a salaried staff member:  by working as part of your team, a Fractional staff member will use his or her continuity of experience with, and knowledge about, your business to contribute strategic insight, business value and financial services truly customized to your business.

Regardless of budget, the benefits of having a Fractional staff member are not out of your reach: having served in several management roles for fast-growing companies, or companies in turnaround, our dedicated staff members are uniquely positioned to deliver sophisticated and cost-effective services in a cost effective, fractional manner tailored to your needs.

You only pay for what you use – Your company consumes the services of a highly experienced business professional on the company’s terms.  Your fractional professional can work as little or as much as the position calls for providing you with the expertise you need at a cost that doesn’t break the bank account.

Using a fractional professional takes the risk out of a bad executive hire that can be a poison pill for company culture.  The flexibility in this model allows you to test the fractional services concept with very little risk or outlay of cash.

Hire your own Fractional professional today and get business support when and where you need it most you at a rate you can afford.  It costs you nothing to find out how this can benefit your company.  Fill out the form below today so that we can set up an appointment to meet.

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